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Tips & Tricks to order designer Indian wear online

Shopping Indian designer wear outfits has never been easier. Almost all good designers are available online. What’s more, you can visit their Instagram page, see an outfit, correspond with them (on IG or Whatsapp), send in your size, transfer the payment and voila – your outfit is ready! I am an avid online shopper. I feel going to Delhi and getting stuck in traffic, just to buy that one outfit, is not feasible at times. And since I am very fond of designer labels, online shopping has come to my rescue. But when I talk to my friends (who buy designer clothes), I find that not everyone is very comfortable with shopping Indian clothes online. So I compiled a list of my experiences along with a few tips to convert everyone reading this into online Indian wear shoppers!!

1) Where to shop – There are plenty of multi designer websites out there. Pernia’s Pop Up Shop is the place from where I have ordered maximum clothes ( Their team is helpful and I have never faced any problem regarding returns, cashback etc. Carma Online Shop ( & Aza Fashions ( are also available online now, though my experience with them is limited. Apart from this, as I mentioned earlier, Instagram has made it easy to shop from any designer. If you contact them, most of them will even send you pics on whatsapp, customise, tell you which pieces are ready for immediate shipment etc.

My advice to first time shoppers is to shop at Pernia’s Pop Up Shop. The experience is incredible and it’s the one place where my outfits have turned out to be even better than what they look online. 2) Overall Fitting – The utmost concern! To the first time shoppers I would suggest to order something which doesn’t require your exact body measurements. For instance, a peplum lehenga set would require an exact body measurement and to get it altered locally could be a hassle. Go for something which is flowy – like a floor length anarkali or a one piece gown.

Here are few of my outfits which I purchased from Pernia’s Pop Up shop (and didn’t alter at all)

The pink one is from Samatvam by Anjali Bhaskar and the blue suit is from Abhinav Mishra. 3) Necklines – To a new online shopper, I would suggest going in for simple necklines. The reason I feel is that if the neckline doesn’t fit properly, alterations become a little bit more complex. It’s easier to get the waist an inch altered from a local tailor than it is to make the neckline fit in properly (this could be just me as I hate to get the designer clothes altered too much from local tailors). 4) Designer – Picking a designer whose stuff you already own, or have tried their clothes, is a good starting point as you know what you are in for. Disappointment in such cases tends to be low. 5) Delivery – One of the major downside of all these multi designer websites is that they all easily take 3-4 weeks for shipment. There are certain items available under the immediate shipment category but those are too few and the chance that you will like just that is scarce. So in case you want to try out any one of the websites, you need to plan in advance. Approaching a specific designer works better when the time is short; as they can send you across the pieces readily available in your size. 6) Returns – These websites are definitely not very easy going (like jabong or myntra) when it comes to returns. PPUS mentions on their website that customer should notify the company within 2 days of delivery of the product and will be compensated only in the form of store credit. My actual experience has been quite good with PPUS. The only time I returned an item was when it didn’t match with the pictures and description mentioned on their site. And I got the entire amount refunded in my bank account because the fault was with the company. (But I had to send back the product on my own as there is no reverse pick up) I hope my experience and tips were helpful to you all. Please feel free to get in touch with your comments & feedback. Happy Online Shopping!

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