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Browser – My secret heaven in Chandigarh!

For any book lover, bookshops and libraries are a place where all their dreams come true. And if that place is a combination of both, it’s a piece of heaven itself! Browser has an outstanding collection in both the sections – Library & Bookshop. I was always an avid reader, but since my daughter was born, I could barely take out the time to read a book. So when she started her school, I had my mornings free for myself. This is how I stumbled upon Browser and I have been its member ever since. There hasn’t been any title that I was looking for and was not available with them. And not only can you look up books, rent them or buy them, you can actually sit there and read or finish your projects or just glimpse through a magazine. Their whole set up is quite welcoming. I have to give them the credit for my blog – because sitting right there is where this idea was born! So all you book lovers out there, in case you didn’t know about this place or did know but forgot all about ‘me time’ in the everyday hustle bustle, I suggest you head out there right now and rekindle your passion for reading (like I did with mine). Happy Reading!!

Address - SCO 14-15, 1st Floor, Sec 8C, Chandigarh

Pricing as on 16.08.2018 -

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