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How to use your existing Indian wear in new ways

My previous blogpost on online shopping has made it pretty obvious that I love to buy designer Indian clothes (Link). But I am also someone who loves to repeat my clothes (I think I love them too much to just throw them out after wearing a couple of times). So here are a few tips of mine to help you get those lovely suits out of your cupboards that you haven’t worn in years. 1) Change the lower – Getting a new lower made with an existing shirt of yours can really change your entire look. Short shirts with churidaars were in fashion a couple of years ago. Now you can re-use the same short shirt with a matching sharara or skirt. Below pics show how I have worn the same shirt with different lowers –

2) Getting a jacket made with your lehenga – I feel this totally changes the look of your lehenga. It looks more like a gown. You can get a cape or a long jacket depending on your preference. This is how I was able to use my wedding lehenga by getting a jacket made with it –

When I was running out of ideas on how to use your existing clothes in a new way, I turned to Prerna Katia, a fashion designer based out of Panchkula and an expert at turning around your old wardrobe. Believe me, just take your outfit to her & leave the rest! She had tons of ideas on what could be done about your old wardrobe. I’m listing a few below - 3) Converting your lehengas into anarkali’s – This is one of the easiest ways to wear your lehenga again & again. According to Prerna, just a few modifications can make this happen! 4) Converting your anarkali into a skirt – Prerna suggests that heavier anarkali’s can be modified into skirts which can be then matched with plain crop tops or plain long shirts depending on your preference. 5) Heavy Dupattas with plain suits or as a saree drape – You can wear your heavy trousseau dupattas or that heavy bridal dupatta you have never seen post your wedding as a saree drape (with a plain saree) or just get a simple suit made with it. Prerna feels that dupattas are very versatile & even if your outfit goes out of fashion, dupattas can always be re-used. I hope these pointers were useful and motivate you to take out your Indian wear lying in your cupboards for years, revamp it & flaunt it! Tea Time Talkies thanks Prerna Katia for sharing her tips with our readers. Please feel free to contact her for all your fashion needs! Contact number - 9501747711

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