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Review – The Face Shop Nourishing Face Mask

The market is buzzing with Face Masks these days. And I couldn’t wait to try my hands on one of them. So I purchased The Nourishing Face Mask from Face Shop via Nykaa. It’s priced at INR 150. (

How it works It’s quite easy to use. I would recommend using these at night. So after your cleansing & toning routine, just place the mask on your face and wait for about 15 to 20 mins. The mask is enriched with the product and by placing it for about 15mins, you ensure that the product transfers to your skin. My experience I was quite excited to use this product; however I was slightly disappointed with the result. I didn’t see any noticeable or even temporary improvement in my skin. I have tried on other face packs that instantly give you a feel good factor. This didn’t do that for me. In fact, I had a minor breakout in the morning! My skin type is slightly dry to combination skin. Given the raving reviews about these face masks, maybe this wasn’t the face mask appropriate for my skin type. I will try on a few more variants of this brand and get back to you with my results.

My rating - 1/5

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