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Get your nails festive ready using MyGlamm nail paints!

Lately, I had been opting for power polish for my nails (nail extensions are not my thing because I have a toddler to take care of). Power polish basically is a long lasting nail paint that can be applied to your natural nails. I mostly go to Polish Nail Spa in Chandigarh for the same. There is no doubt that your nails looks super pretty post those sessions. But somewhere the nail quality does take a hit. My nails began chipping very frequently, something that had never happened before. Also, power polish is a costly affair. You need to spend at least a 1000 bucks (though one usually ends up spending more to get your desired look). So I began to look for nail paints that could recreate some of the looks we get through power polish at parlours. The long lasting property is unique to power polish. But I was looking for normal nail paints that could give me the desired look without being long lasting. That’s how I came across MyGlamm nail paints (Two of your kind) and I’m super happy with them. This is the look I created using these nail paints -

These come in a set of 2. You can choose the colour set according to your preference. I chose the combination called Rumour Has It. It has the below shown shades in it -

The best thing about these shades is their finish. The pinkish nude colour (gossip) is super pigmented and matches the finish of a power polish. The golden glitter colour (slumber party) is easy in application and again resembles the finish of a power polish. My nails look festive ready and I can re-touch them anytime I want. I used the glitter on only one of the fingers, but you could alternate both nail paints on your fingers or just use your own creativity to create your own look! Lets talk about pricing now. They are quite affordable and cost INR 390. However, when you register at MyGlamm site you will get a one time discount of INR 150. So effectively, these would just cost you INR 240 (for the first time).

Check out the entire MyGlamm’s Two of your kind nail paints range here -

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