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I am beautiful no matter what they say

As most of you know by now, this article is a part of a blogathon aimed towards celebrating International Woman’s Day. The theme for today’s article is Beauty. The first thought that came to my mind related to this theme was a song by Christina Aguilera –

I am beautiful

No matter what they say

Words can’t bring me down

I am beautiful

In every single way

Our society has been obsessed with fairness. To the extent, that there used to be advertisements for fairness creams that depicted how a woman’s life changed instantly by being fair. I have grown up watching those advertisements. And when you are very young, you tend to believe the misleading claims made by marketers. Though I never used a fairness cream, I subscribed to being fair as a measure of beauty.

As women, we have been conditioned for so long to believe certain standards of beauty. Only education and exposure can help you question the norms of beauty that everyone expects you to follow. I have been lucky to receive good quality education and a great exposure that helped me change my definition of beauty. You are as beautiful as you let yourself to believe.

There has been great awareness in recent times and most people are done away with the fairness obsession. Few channels have boycotted advertising for fairness creams. And frankly because of the backlash, you don’t see those pathetic advertisements when a woman’s fate depended on her skin colour.

I wish I could say that about the society as a whole. I still find women trying to look fairer by using a foundation tone not meant for their skin. I see people commenting on skin tones in everyday conversations. Some positive change has come about but unless we as women are not comfortable in our own skin, we can’t expect the society to change.

This blogpost is a part of #UnapologeticGirlz Blogathon.

I thank for introducing me and would like to introduce the next blogger on the train

#Unapologeticgirlz #womansday

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