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My night time skin routine: A beginner’s guide

How I got into a skin care routine? Before I get into what I am doing for my skin, I would like to explain my journey as to how I got into a regular skin care routine. I was someone who never bothered buying any skin care products. In fact, all throughout my 20’s I didn’t even have any cleansing routine for my skin. Things changed dramatically when I hit 30. There was dryness at certain areas, my skin looked and felt tired; glow was missing along with few early aging signs. I panicked and did what I do best – research! My purpose of sharing this is only to motivate anyone reading who doesn’t follow any skin-care routine. I was the laziest when it came to washing my face at night! And now never does a day pass that I don’t religiously follow my routine. Some basics In case you are new to skin care, it’s good to know that your skin goes into protection mode during the day and repair mode during the night. Therefore, you need to apply products that will help protect your skin during the day (for instance sunscreen) and products that will help repair your skin at night. My current night time skin care routine This is how my current skin care routine looks like. I have mentioned the products that I would like to recommend to everyone. (I keep trying new products and will keep updating whenever I find something worth sharing.)This skin care routine would mostly apply to someone with slightly dry or combination skin and has early signs of aging. 1) Cleansing – Firstly, I use Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micellar Water to take off any make up that I am wearing. This is truly one of the best Micellar water available. Alternatively, even Clinique’s take the day off is also very effective. Then I use Aveeno positively radiant skin brightening daily scrub (Not sure about its availability in India as I got it from US) 2) Toning - Pixi Glow Tonic: I feel this does the job of toning your skin and also adds that slight glow for a tired skin. Highly recommend it. 3) Under eye cream – Avene Ystheal Eye & Lip Contour Care: This one is definitely one of the best under eye creams that I have used. Your eyes look quite rested in the morning. 4) Retinol – Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair moisturizer Night: This one has helped me get rid of all those early anti-ageing signs. I might shift to another retinol cream as the skin matures, but currently I am very satisfied with this one. 5) Serum – Currently using Kiehl’s midnight recovery concentrate and totally swear by it 6) Moisturiser – Clinique Moisture Surge: Post using this, I don’t think I can ever use any other moisturiser ever! How should you start? I would suggest not buying everything right away as it takes time to build your own skin care routine. If you have to buy one thing from the above list, I would suggest buying the Kiehl’s midnight recovery concentrate as that was my starting point too (you can continue using your own cleansers and moisturisers and maybe experiment when you have to buy a new one) I hope the above is a bit useful to anyone starting out a night time skin routine. Follow me on Instagram for more updates

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